High-quality training allows you to create a basis for work and development.


Using the acquired knowledge in practice allows you to gain experience.


We can develop and build our career through constant learning and practice

Benefits of Nubes Academy

Why us?

Our courses can help you in case if: 

* you are already DevOps and want to improve your knowledge
* you want to change your IT specialty to DevOps
* you are DevOps and think about the direction of development
* you want to start working in IT – in this case, a lot will depend on your efforts

Only modern technologies

In all courses, you study only the most modern and popular technologies. The knowledge gained is a guarantee that you will be in demand as a DevOps engineer.

Support from DevOps experts

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions to DevOps experts. You will also have access to online trainings where our DevOps experts can answer your questions and talk about real situations.


After the successful completion of each course, you will receive a certificate confirming its successful completion.


Mentoring program allows you to improve your skills and move further up the career ladder.